Try The Best Aussie Pokie Sonic Boom

play-sonic-boom-pokieI am writing this post to share my some views and experiences with you. The gambling industry is very wide there are lots of options to choose what you want to prefer. Basically I am fond of these casinos games. So I always manage some time for it. Through this article I am going to give some reviews about the Sonic Boom slot machine. This is very famous and most popular Australian poker game to play. As a newbie I really like this one.

The Advancement of the technology is increasing very fast. So all my favourite slots I can easily play on my laptop or android or iPhones. This is a three reel, one payline and along with this it offers auto play and instant mode. If you ask me what I like in this so my answer is the sound, personally I love the sound of this.

One day I was playing this on my phone when I was free in office. Or I can it was a co-incidence I was playing just for time-pass. I played jackpot round with a small amount and I won that, I was really happy. So in my opinion it does not matter either you play with small amount or big amount, all it depends on the luck that you win or lose. So i always try to bet smaller payline to higher payline in every next spin.

The graphics and interface of this one is much typical from any other which you would have tried. It is full of wild symbols which gives you the chance and many option of gaining the bonuses and credits matching them across the slots. Anyone can perform much better and gets a handsome amount in reward going through the manual guide or going through the tutorials. It is much better for the newbies.

This is the best Aussie pokie which you can try yourself and can have fun with this. And Visit

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Play An Interesting and The Most Popular Online Pokie in Australia By Just Download Magical Island Of Avalon App In Your Mobiles

avalon-pokie-gameLast year when I was in Australia to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin I did a lot of fun and adventurous things which makes me feel good whenever I get to remember. My uncle was very fond of gambling at online casinos but I was not so, he usually asked me to check out the online pokies but I used to neglect his words. After the ceremonial day when I was laid in the room alone forced me to follow the words of my uncle. I went through that and found many, but the most promising one which I felt was Avalon.

The concept of the game is totally based on the story of King Arthur when he was residing to an island to get recovery after the battle and his romantic tale with the lady of lake who was performing as nurse. This is featured with five reels and 20 lines of pay which is the better sign of this one with slot machine. The graphics is really eye-pleasing which will not allow you to move out from the screen. The interface is full of many scattered symbols with different weightage of credits which binds up the user to be in the game. The amount of betting is all upon the participant in which he can either go for the lowest one or they can go for the highest. The returning reward of bet is about 3000 times in this one because I was fortunate that I won it two times.

magical-island-of-avalon-pokieI was very happy by this as I got a good amount of real money which overwhelmed me. I also played it in my android, but my uncle kept insisting that the Ipad would provide a better experience (I couldnt tell the difference to be honest.) To me, this is definitely the best online pokie in Australia. If you get the love lady of this one two or more than that we are going to win a payout and fortunately you got her more than three times you will get the biggest payout with more than 10 spins free in which every payout is being multiplied. Going through will give you the feel as if you are magically hypnotized in the love life of the legends.

Live Your Dreams With 7 Sultans

Did you know that more than half of the online pokies game has been developed by micro-gaming? As I am an archaeologist by profession and in habit of travelling here and there at regular interval of time, fond of gambling. I usually go for the search of pokies game if I get any interesting place to survey. Likewise, when I was in Egypt I really liked the tombs of pharaoh and I was much surprised to know about the ancient life style of king of that place who was called to be sultans. I made a search related to that through my android phone and luckily found 7 Sultans casino software. Without wasting a moment I downloaded the full paid version and took review from and started to play with the sultans.

The best feature of this one is that it provides a wide range of pay line with wide variety of option to go on with. This provides much reliabilities with and great selection of contest with blackjack, roulette, and many other. There are two different ways you can enter in the world of this one, either through your PC or you can enter by instant play where there is not necessary of making any downloads. This version allows you to enter directly and access the website for fun and enjoy. The design of the later one is very clear and much simple to go on with. Mega Moolah is one of the famous among many in this one because of heavy and handsome payouts and I was astonished by the jackpot amount which was about million dollars.

The most amazing one about it is its criteria and norms of the bonuses and credits. It is much attractive for the newbies as they can get a good amount of free bonuses for making signup only. You will be lost in the choice as it has bunches of option to go on with. Try this out.

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Experienced the Toppest Hitman Video Pokie And Get Welcome Bonus

win-bonus-with-hitmanLast month my brother in law got married so we planned a bachelor’s party at Thailand. I have heard about it that the food and the night life are tremendous. So we went there and had lots of fun but some of my friends are fond of gambling and like stuff. We did not know about that gambling is not legal there but the party was incomplete without the drinks, gaming hubs and betting. So I searched some casinos on the net.

Luckily I found some good one, but that was very far from our hotels. But the addiction of anything is too dangerous so we went in the evening and the place where we went was awesome. The first look of the clubhouse was very attractive and well furnished. The dress code of the girls and the bar tenders was pretty good. I started to play some table games but unfortunately I lost my first game so I was little disappointed with me. Then my brother-in-law told me about a new one which was recently introduced by that casino. So I went to the pokie and asked some basic queries about that to the dealer and then I started to play.

hitman-video-pokieIt is a video slot with many scattered symbols each having some amounts of credits and symbols which will not make you peeping out of this. If you are going to hit the insignia symbol thrice in a row that will reward you extra credits and sometimes it act as the jackpot round. The users have an option to choose the symbols of the weapons in order to hit the targets being provided in the slots. I was fortunate I hit it and got some reward which gave me the feeling as if I am carrying one of the weapons. It was a great party and we had lots of fun there. And in the end I would suggest you to play hitman atleast once.

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The Entertainig And The Amazing Aussie Pokie Arabian Nights

I want to share about my last tour when I went to the Las Vegas for some business meeting. I am a big fan of pokies. Whenever I get time I use to play a couple of hours. During those days I was surfing on the net and playing some and searching some new ones. There I saw an advertisement about some Arabian Nights and they were offering some welcome bonus points for gamers. I showed some interest in it. So firstly I signed up and played but I found these were some kind of classic theme based games.

The theme of this game is inspired by the classic tales like Ali Baba and Aladdin etc. The theme was very attractive and wonderful. This is very simple and 5 reel progressive reward winning slot on the internet. I found some difficulties when I played very first time. After that I searched some good tutorial and some tips and techniques on the web. The best feature of this game which I really like is I can play it with any competitor or individually.

start-with-arabian-nights-pokieThe graphics and the sound of this are marvelous, gave me the feel like I was really in the Aladdin’s land and playing this there. The movies Aladdin and the Ali Baba challis chor always fascinated me, which was another reason why I liked to play this. The rules are very basic for this, very few things you have to remember while playing with real money. Or you can play some jackpot round in it.

In the end I would suggest to all users who play this or making mood to play it. Always play in a limit, do not make you habitual or addicted. I hope my experienced related to this will help to in playing. For more click