win-bonus-with-hitmanLast month my brother in law got married so we planned a bachelor’s party at Thailand. I have heard about it that the food and the night life are tremendous. So we went there and had lots of fun but some of my friends are fond of gambling and like stuff. We did not know about that gambling is not legal there but the party was incomplete without the drinks, gaming hubs and betting. So I searched some casinos on the net.

Luckily I found some good one, but that was very far from our hotels. But the addiction of anything is too dangerous so we went in the evening and the place where we went was awesome. The first look of the clubhouse was very attractive and well furnished. The dress code of the girls and the bar tenders was pretty good. I started to play some table games but unfortunately I lost my first game so I was little disappointed with me. Then my brother-in-law told me about a new one which was recently introduced by that casino. So I went to the pokie and asked some basic queries about that to the dealer and then I started to play.

hitman-video-pokieIt is a video slot with many scattered symbols each having some amounts of credits and symbols which will not make you peeping out of this. If you are going to hit the insignia symbol thrice in a row that will reward you extra credits and sometimes it act as the jackpot round. The users have an option to choose the symbols of the weapons in order to hit the targets being provided in the slots. I was fortunate I hit it and got some reward which gave me the feeling as if I am carrying one of the weapons. It was a great party and we had lots of fun there. And in the end I would suggest you to play hitman atleast once.

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