In the gaming industry, roulette may be one of the best known and most popular, which has increased significantly with its entry into the global part of the games.

And although the game of roulette is commonly considered as an activity of chance, there will always be those who devote a lot of time, and of course, effort, to the development of various strategies that meet the objective of defeating the system.

Know the Most Popular Roulette SystemsEvery roulette aims to maintain a minimal advantage in the casino, which can lead to the player trusting a lot in the skills he has, instead of what is commonly used, which is luck.

The development of the strategies has become gigantic, especially since it is thought to be a way to end up being a champion, but not all of them have the necessary skill to be considered as such.

That is why the Playamo plans that can be worthwhile will be highlighted below, as well as a couple of extra tips that will allow the odds to be much better.

Do any of the strategies really work?

There is no system in roulette that is not intended to meet the needs of players through good experiences, which applies in any type of casino, whether online or not.

However, you cannot give a concrete answer that says whether this is truly effective or not. This is because roulette is based on luck, which means that even with the best strategy in the world, a favorable profit simply cannot be guaranteed.

The same happens in the opposite case, strategies of any kind may not even be applied, and even then the player can get an incredible surprise that would change his life completely.

A reality that few know is that in roulette games you win very often, moreover, maybe daily. But even with all this, they remain in the list of those who have more profitability within the casino, this is because the users who win are much less than the losers. That is one of the reasons why a casino prefers to maintain anonymity both among losers and winners.

With or without connection?

The difference between a conventional casino or one that is online is incredible. In the first place is the atmosphere. A land casino manages to captivate through this fact, it is more, it is considered by many people that only because of the atmosphere is that this type of premises still exists. But also the virtual version has its good points.

Rookies are suggested to start online, this mostly because there are practice options, a simple way to learn without wasting money in between. In addition, there is a little more time, which can be used for many things, for example, learning the basics of the game and you can even have fun trying to develop new strategies, without losses of any kind.

In conventional casinos, there are simply no games that stop to wait for a rookie to take notes, so this is more than a satisfactory strategy for everyone involved.

The strategies that exist in roulette

The amount of strategies is quite wide, that can not be denied, but if there is something that is also true is that they can be divided into two options as the best.

The first is based on the progressions, something that ends when the last result that gave the turn is revealed. Simply put, a bet can change depending on the outcome of this spin.

The second does not carry any type of change, it stays the same no matter what happens.

The strategy with progression

This type of system can be classified without problems. The primary category includes systems that allow duplication of a bet after the loss. In another, the same thing happens, but the other way around, that is, to double it but only in the victories. But when the loss is recorded, a bet stays the same.

The best roulette systems


Putting it as a comparison, the Paroli serves in a quite opposite way. A user can increase the bet but only when the winnings are recorded. This gives way to a good run in possibilities, which means that the security it transmits is much greater than that of Martingale.

Among its advantages, the one that stands out is the fact that it is possible to carry very decent payments, but without leaving a risk at the table. Even many consider that it is quite appropriate to make use of this when they want to see results in the long term.


One of the main points may be based on systems that have high and low progressions. But there are also other types of options, those that have a flat progression; and this is the ideal example of the phenomenon.

Also known as Pyramid system or even cancellation, it was created in the eighteenth century and dictates that the player has the possibility of winning in a solid way in the long term, but yes, provided it decreases to 1 after the victory, something that is repeated but the opposite with losses.


This has its beginnings in the 80s, where it began the long journey that has now left you with very good references due to how intelligent it can be.

Its main objective is to cover the numbers that are particular and distribute them in exactly 5 different units.

In an assumption that places the bet is a combo token at number 6 between 1 and 6. But it also bets on 8, 20, 26 and until 10. Which would mean that the final position of the game does not matter ball, the worst that could happen is that the ball ends up in an extremely close position to what was already given.

The skewed wheels

There are no roulettes that have perfect skills, quite contrary to that idea you can find imperfections so tiny that they would end up receiving the name a skewed wheel. This happens because the turn can be significantly affected. But there is not much to worry about here, casinos generally have mechanisms that detect this type of failure. So the possibilities are almost nil on this side.