avalon-pokie-gameLast year when I was in New Zealand to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin I did a lot of fun and adventurous things which makes me feel good whenever I get to remember. My uncle was very fond of gambling at online casinos but I was not so, he usually asked me to check out the online pokies but I used to neglect his words. After the ceremonial day when I was laid in the room alone forced me to follow the words of my uncle. I went through that and found many, but the most promising one which I felt was Avalon.

The concept of the game is totally based on the story of King Arthur when he was residing to an island to get recovery after the battle and his romantic tale with the lady of lake who was performing as nurse. This is featured with five reels and 20 lines of pay which is the better sign of this one with slot machine. The graphics is really eye-pleasing which will not allow you to move out from the screen. The interface is full of many scattered symbols with different weightage of credits which binds up the user to be in the game. The amount of betting is all upon the participant in which he can either go for the lowest one or they can go for the highest. The returning reward of bet is about 3000 times in this one because I was fortunate that I won it two times.


I was glad by this as I received a large amount of real money which makes me happy. I played it in my android, but my uncle insist me that the Ipad would give a better experience (I can’t tell the difference to be honest.) According to me it is the the best online pokies nz website. If you receive the the love lady of this one two or more than that we will win a payout and luckily you got her more than three times and you will receive the biggest payout with more than 10 spins free in which each payout Is being doubled. Undergoing playonlinepokies.co.nz you will get the feeling as if you are fascinated in the love life of the legends.